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Our Story

Chateau Buskett is a family run business, which has been in our family for 57 years.


It all started with entrepreneur Reno, who built The Buskett Roadhouse on the site of an old hunting lodge from the times of the Grand Masters.

















The venue became known as the place to go in Malta for dining and cabaret entertainment, and was frequented by the most important characters of the time.

Reno’s daughter Dorothy & her husband Joseph continued to host and entertain the locals and tourists with their fabulous cabaret nights featuring artists flown in from all over the world.












Now Chateau Buskett is run by their two sons, Rene’ & Jesmond and their families, including their wives & their children, who have grown up helping in the business. Of course families never get on all the time, but we have a strong bond from working together and enjoying our successes as a team.

We believe that our strong family grounding makes our service to our clients more personalised as we understand how important it is that your special event goes perfectly, and your satisfaction at the end makes our commitment worthwhile.

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